Michael Bailey-Gates

Photography & Motion

Photographer Michael Bailey-Gates graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2015, the same year they won the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation Award, launching them into the professional art world. The work Bailey-Gates is focused on most is portraiture, influenced by classical studio photography. Working with a close circle of collaborators and subjects, there is often a subversive edge to their photography. Gender roles are interrogated and norms transgressed, and the result is a body of work that is transformative, emotional and focused keenly on the self.

Bailey-Gates has collaborated with commercial fashion brands such as Valentino, Armani and Ami. They also contribute to publications including Vogue US, the New York Times and Rolling Stone. Their monograph titled A Glint in the Kindling was published in 2021.




Vogue France
Rolling Stone
Purple Magazine
i-D Magazine
Beauty Papers
Modern Weekly China


A Glint In The Kindling, The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam (2021)
Unseen Photo Festival, Amsterdam (2021)
Printed Matter, LA Art Book Fair (2019)
All Fine Figures, Osmos, NY (2017)
Watermill Benefit Auction, NY (2016)
New Bohemia, Czech Center, NY (2016)
Newstand at MOMA, NY (2016)
Baker's Dozen, CK2 Gallery, NY (2016)
Auto Body x Booklub, Bellport, NY (2015)


A Glint In The Kindling (2021)