Sam Youkilis

Photography & Motion

A documentary photographer and filmmaker, Sam Youkilis showcases individual habitats and their communities, highlighting the beauty found in both unique and everyday places and people that live in them. He strives to portray a complimentary focus on natural environments and the life that takes place within them, by detailing specific local intricacies and traditions. Growing up in New York City, Youkilis first turned to photography in high school, with his friends as his first subjects. As his practice evolved his focus shifted more to capturing processes, activities and local custom wherever he finds himself.

Youkilis’s work has become increasingly popular, accumulating over 200,000 followers on Instagram. His frequent and extensive documentation of culture over the past four years has allowed a worldwide audience to feel as though they are travelling and documenting the world alongside him.

He is based between New York and Italy.


Stella Artois
Tory Burch
Vivienne Westwood


The New Yorker
Vogue US
Vogue Italia
Holiday Magazine
Zeit Magazin